- Cover art for several CDs & vinyls (from one of my photos) used by the French band: HER for the following records: Tape #1 EP, Tape #2 EP, Live Tape #1, Live Tape #2, Five Minutes (Her Rework) Single. 04/2017. HERE
- Cover art for a CD (photography, post production, graphics, logo, layout) created for the American rock band: Manic In Lithium debut studio album. 06/2016. HERE
- My abstract photo "Bleeding Treasure" has been used for the advertising campaign for "Fortune International" cigarettes. Leo Burnett Agency (Philippines) for Philip Morris company. 02/2013.
- Illustration for the cover of the book "Il segreto della domanda" by Umberto Balimberti, Feltrinelli Editore (Milan, Italy). Published in 2011. HERE
- Photo session in studio & Post processing for Sophie Malraye, French living statue. 2006 world champion "World Statue Festival" in Arnhem, Holland. 11/2004. HERE
- Photo report and publication about the French singer: Marc Petiguyot in the French magazine specialized about music: "Best". 06/1999. HERE
- Photo reports and cover art for the French metal band: Witches: "3.4.1". Label: Boucherie Production-Abatrash. 1995. HERE
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